What are the advantages of using a Design Construct building company for my new home?

  1. The biggest advantage of using a “design and construct” building company such as DDB Design for your new home is you will be guaranteed to have much better control of the project costs.  We establish a comfortable budget at the initial briefing stage and then a detailed building cost estimate will be prepared on completion of the “concept design” stage.  This allows the design to be adjusted if necessary to align with the agreed budget prior to starting the “detailed design and documentation” phase.
  2. Better value for money because most “design and construct” building companies will carry out the architectural design and documentation for your new home for a “fixed price” fee that is usually considerably lower than an independent architect’s fee.
  3. You will have one “project manager” overseeing and driving the whole project from the initial concept design right through to the building completion.  This will result in a much smoother and more efficient design process and possible cost savings.
  4. This project manager will also co-ordinate all of the additional consultants required during the design and documentation process such as surveyors, structural engineers, landscape designers, soil engineers and interior designers, who are all used to working together as a cohesive team of professional consultants.

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