• "Partnering with property owners to maximise their lifestyle and properties potential"

    "Partnering with property owners to maximise their lifestyle and properties potential"


DDB has extensive experience in multi-unit residential building & development. Over the last 18 years DDB has completed 20 of its own residential developments in a range of suburbs including Brighton, Caulfield, Hawthorn and St Kilda.


Partnering with property owners in joint venture developments has become a major focus for David McCallum who is rapidly becoming recognized for his townhouse developments in the Caulfield and Elsternwick areas. A joint venture agreement can alleviate a lot of stress for clients who are unaware of the logistics and finance of the building process and can guarantee a mutually beneficial outcome.

If you currently own a large property and would like to downsize to a brand new low maintenance lifestyle home in the same location a joint venture development is a great solution. David and the DDB Design team will organize the architectural design, town planning and building permits which will be tailored to your requirements.

This type of development is the ultimate “win-win situation” because when DDB pays the property owner an agreed amount for half of the land this usually equates to the building cost of the owner’s new town house.  Therefore, for virtually no “out of pocket” cost the owner moves into a brand new lifestyle home designed and built to their specific requirements. It is an ideal “turn key project “ for the Client to live in or sell.

Note:  all developments are subject to local council planning scheme restrictions and must be carefully reviewed on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in a very low risk, highly enjoyable option for developing your property, please contact David McCallum by phone or email to discuss the joint venture process.

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