Building maintenance & pro-tips for caring for your new house or renovation


Building a new home or a renovation is a large long-term investment and it is vital that the home is properly maintained and cared for each year.A modern house has a lot of in-built plant and equipment that must be regularly serviced in order to function properly for the life of the building and to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty.


A specific meeting just prior to the handover of a new home or renovation is the best way for the builder to educate the clients about all the required maintenance.For this meeting, I recommend that the builder prepare a “Routine Maintenance Schedule” outlining all the specific service requirements throughout the house as well as the dates and contractor contact details for each service / maintenance visit.


Here is a list of some of the typical building maintenance items required in a new home or renovation:

  • Flat roof, box gutters and rain heads = must be checked and cleaned every 3 to 6 months to prevent leaf build up and blockages
  • Storm water pits and grates = must be checked and cleaned every 12 months
  • Motorized gates or garage doors = must be serviced and lubricated every 12 months
  • Air conditioning system = the return air filters must be cleaned every 6 months and the full system serviced every 2 years
  • Storage hot water units (gas or electric) = must have their “pressure relief valve” tested every 3 months
  • Shower grates = must be removed and the waste pipe cleaned every 6 months
  • Hydronic heating = the gas boiler must be serviced, and the programmable thermostat adjusted every 12 months
  • Ducted vacuum system = the collection bag must be changed at least every 6 months and full system service every 2 years
  • Note: specialised systems such as lifts, swimming pools, storm water pumping systems and home automation systems, will have specific servicing requirements that must be followed and carried out by the relevant supply company.

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