What are the different stages involved in designing a new house or renovation?

There are usually 6 or 7 stages that make up the complete architectural design process as outlined below.  Stage No. 4 “Town Planning” is only required if your property has a “planning overlay” or your project is for a dual occupancy, sub-division or you are building on a small allotment (See FAQ Permits).  If you do need to obtain a planning permit, the design process will usually stop at stage 4 until the planning permit is issued, which can take between 3 and 6 months.

Architectural Design Stages

  1. Feasibility Study (optional) = 2 weeks
    • Sketch plans drawn to scale to explore the design options for the project including the building envelope, sketch floor plans, boundary setbacks and outdoor spaces
    • This stage also usually involves a project budget analysis and costs breakdown.
  2. Concept Designs = 4 weeks
    • Land survey including surrounding properties, levels and boundary re-establishment
    • Develop two or three design options for the project
    • Refine the preferred design option including simple external designs
    • Budget costing review.
  3. Design Development = 4 weeks
    • “3D” external designs, including windows and basic materials selections
    • All plans drawn to scale with sizes and dimensions added
    • Basic structural elements
    • Consult with authorities (i.e. Council, sewer, water, power etc)
    • Refine all interior layouts and spaces
    • Select all consultants (structural engineer, landscape designer, interior designer, building surveyor).
  4. Town Planning Documentation & Submission = 2 to 4 weeks (IF REQUIRED)
    • Site analysis study
    • Written planning submission
    • Landscape schematic design, including fencing
    • Prepare town planning plans including schedule of external finishes and materials selection
    • Planning application forms.
  5. Detailed Design = 6 weeks
    • Fully detailed design drawings including internal and external elevations, joinery, electrical plans, door schedules, sections and 1:20 details
    • Roofing plans
    • Landscape design
    • Full structural engineering plans
    • Storm water and plumbing services.
  6. Interior Design = 4 weeks
    • Refine all joinery details including internal wall elevations
    • Finishes schedule including selection of all materials
    • Selection of all fittings and fixtures
    • Feature finishes, window furnishings and feature light fittings
    • Schedules of all finishes, colours and fixtures
    • “Story board” presentations.
  7. Final Working Documentation = 2 weeks
    • Building permit documents ready for application
    • Written specifications
    • Final electrical plans
    • Final engineering plans
    • Building quotation documents.


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