How to enjoy designing and building your new home


During the design process the clients should:

  • Trust the professionals you are paying to design and build your new home
  • Clearly communicate your requirements and expectations.  A concise written design brief is an essential step one. A pictorial brief is needed to confirm that everyone interpreting the design brief is on the same page
  • Set a realistic budget that has some flexibility.  Remember that spending a bit more often results in achieving a considerably better result
  • Be prepared to take some risks and go outside your design comfort zone.  The best architecture is often the result of a client being prepared to “take a leap of faith” and run with the Architect’s vision
  • Pay due diligence to all design drawings, plans and specifications.  Give clear feedback to the Architect and builder
  • Try not to listen to friends and family when making design decisions during the design process and remember that reality design TV shows are not realistic
  • During construction the client should remember that site meetings with the builder are “business meetings” so children should not come to these meetings.


Also, all client site visits must be coordinated with the site manager.  Unscheduled client site visits can hinder the building process and add unnecessary stress for the builder and client.

Over the past 27 years at DDB Design we have developed a culture that is based on constant improvement, trust and good communication.  These values are integral to the enjoyment of what we do and guarantee that the client experience and the building process are positive and rewarding.

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