Will I need an interior designer?


The role of an interior designer is to work closely with both the clients and the architect to refine the interior finishes and design elements, so they accurately reflect the personality and lifestyle of the clients and their family.


Their job role is to co-ordinate all the colors and finishes within the house and to refine all the interior design elements such as cabinetry, lighting, tiling, floor finishes, fittings and fixtures.This includes the selection and specifications for these design finishes and fittings as well as the presentation of the finished interior designs using sample boards (or “story boards”), 3D sketches and images and written schedules.


Selecting all the interior colors, finishes and fittings for a new house can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task.Unless you have a lot of free time, considerable previous experience and the design confidence to make all your own decisions, this very important role should be left to a professional.


Most established architectural companies have their own “in house” interior designer.It is important to confirm up front if the interior design service is included in the architectural fee proposal or will it be an “add on service” offered at an additional cost?


Some clients prefer to work with a separate and independent interior designer.However, this can result in additional costs to the client and can complicate the process and would not be my recommendation.


The hourly rate cost for an interior designer is usually similar to an architect (i.e. $150 to $250 per hour) and the overall cost for a full interior design service works out to be about 1% to 1.5% of the building budget.  The homes that we build that have an interior designer as part of the team always end up having an additional level of refinement, personality, comfort and consistency and our clients unanimously agree that any additional cost was money very well spent.


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