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Project Features

The interior design decisions of a project can be overwhelming particularly once construction is well underway. The pressure for 'decisions' becomes enormous and mistakes are costly if the advice of a professional interior specialist is not sort early in the design phase.

A well considered interior adds value to the already big investment of a million dollar project. Understanding budget limitations, reading plans, visualizing spaces and forecasting interior trends are skills that belies most Clients.

At DDB Design, interior design packages are quoted and are particularly relevant to:

  • Kitchen & bathroom design
  • Feature cabinetry design and detailing
  • Selection of interior surfaces, flooring, tiles and marble slabs
  • Interior colour schemes, paint, feature walls and designer partitions
  • Blinds drapes and window furnishings
  • Selection and direct import of international furniture brands
  • Rugs selctions and feature light fittings.
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