Never Again.


I had several ideas for my Weekly Email topic this week, but I do not feel comfortable to write about any of them as I attempt to process the horrific events in Israel this week, and the ongoing aftermath.

I am struggling to put into words my thoughts and feelings. So instead, I am just going to share some of the best articles I have found about the current situation in the Middle East. 

Firstly, A brief history of Israel and The Gaza Strip.


Next, what is Hamas? Its origins, leaders, and funding.

And Life in the Gaza Strip.

 Being well informed about this war is a responsibility we should all take seriously. I feel reading up to date and unbiased content is the best way we can lead our friends and family through this very complicated conflict; one that will no doubt have long term impacts on all our lives.

 Thanks for reading,

Stay safe and support each other.



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