Establishing a successful client and architect relationship

Building your dream home is a collaborative venture between yourself, the builder interior designer and architect. Discover what makes for a successful residential project between the client and architect.
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Energy Efficiency - six key points to consider

Energy efficiency in any home build and design is key to a sustainable and affordable lifestyle. Our blog explores six key areas for you to consider when looking to build or renovate your home. From window glazing, water capture, solar power and hydronic heating, discover simple areas where DDB Design can help you make a change.
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Five Interior Project Design Tips by Maryanne Quealy

Approaching an interior design project can be a very perplexing deal for many. A plethora of inspiration flows in from one angle and the application of practicality from another. How one blends these considerations is where the true art lies. DDB Design’s lead Interior Designer, Maryanne Quealy provides five top interior design projects tips for residential builds.
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What you won’t learn about building and renovating by watching 'THE BLOCK'.

What you won’t learn about building and renovating by watching “THE BLOCK”. There is reality TV, then there is reality - This latest blog covers the top 9 aspects to consider when delving into any home project.
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The Truth About Builders Margin

There is a common misconception that builders run projects on huge margins and that most building companies make excessive profits. I have made a long term successful career out of building and as a member of the Master Builders Association Victoria for over 28 years, nothing could be further from the truth.
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The advantages of using a “design and construct” building company

The advantages of using a design and construct building company are many and notable, but they include budget certainty, better value for money, one project manager, a coordination of consultants, and most importantly, an enjoyable experience.
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How to be a good client?

There are two vital ingredients necessary for a successful project, one, the client's budget must be in alignment with their expectations and two, the clients must have a clear understanding of why they are doing the project and what they want to achieve?
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