The advantages of using a “design and construct” building company

Fifteen years ago I realised that although my building company was successful, a major part of the business was not working.  The problem was that the building jobs we were winning were not the best jobs because the selection process was all about price.  Generally, the lowest quote wins the job. But for architect designed projects, selecting the builder based mainly on the lowest price just does not work for either the client or the builder.  Right from the start of the job, the client and the builder are on opposing sides.


One of the biggest problems for clients is that until they receive the building quotes, they don’t know how much the job will actually cost (other than the architects original estimate).  On most occasions, the building quotes come in well above the client’s budget, but by then it is too late. They have paid a lot of money for a set of plans and documents that they cannot afford to build.  This sets off conflict and stress even before the job starts.


So, in 2004 I changed DDB Design to operate as a “design and construct” building company. Over the years we have refined this system so that we use a collaborative “teamwork” approach for all our projects.  This system removes all of the stress from the design and construction process so that everyone involved can enjoy every stage and this has become our main focus and mission.


The advantages of using a “design and construct” building company are as follows:


1. Budget Certainty

The biggest advantage of the “design and construct” model is you will have much better control of the project budget.  This is done by establishing a comfortable budget at the start of the design process and then a detailed building cost estimate is prepared on completion of the “concept design”.  This allows the design to be adjusted if necessary to align with the agreed budget prior to starting the “detailed design and documentation” phase.


2. Better value for money

DDB Design will carry out the architectural design and documentation for your new home for a “fixed price” fee that is usually considerably lower than an independent architect’s fee.


3. One Project Manager for the whole process

You will have one “project manager” overseeing and driving the whole project from the initial concept design right through to the building completion.  This will result in a much smoother and more efficient design process and possible cost savings.


4. Co-ordination of consultants

The Project Manager will also co-ordinate all the additional consultants required during the design and documentation process such as surveyors, structural engineers, landscape designers, soil engineers and interior designers, who all work together as a cohesive team of professional consultants.


5. An enjoyable experience

Our “team work” approach is built on trust and open consistent communication which eliminates all of the stress and allows you to enjoy the entire process of designing and building a new home.


For a full list of all the benefits of the DDB Design and Construction system, please click on this link.

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