We Should Be More Content Than Our Pets.

Where Are We Going Wrong?


I am not a big believer in “New Years Resolutions.”

This year, I am simply asking myself a “New Year Question.”


“What worked well this year and is worth doubling down on in 2024?”


My father had a very simple outlook on life, and he lived a long contented, low stress life.

He often used the following sayings,

“It takes as long as it takes” &

“It is what it is.”

He was a realist, and never let his expectations get ahead of him.

He understood that a low-stress life comes from striving for more but knowing he had enough.


Before answering this “new year question” I decided to break down and examine these two statements.

  1. It takes as long as it takes.


last week’s email outlined my belief that your daily habits are the foundation to your health and your lifestyle.

My Father demonstrated throughout his life that there is one habit that makes all the other habits possible, PATIENCE.

The US academic Douglas Hofstadter popularised a theory called “Hofstadter’s Law” which in simple terms states “we generally underestimate the time that is required to complete any given task.”

So, the key to success is allowing plenty of time and moderating your expectations. Whenever you set out to accomplish something you need to understand that it is going to take much longer and require more resources than you expect.

Anything worth doing involves a process and a plan, and each step takes time. The price you must pay for any achievement is patience and the discipline to stick to the plan.

That is how life works. That is how success works.

  1. It is what it is.


My Father was an industrious man.

He was always making something; he always had a project.

He repeatedly showed me that taking baby steps everyday can build up to something amazing over time, like designing and building his own 42-foot ocean racing yacht.

He spent 3 or 4 hours every day for three years working on this yacht. Once completed he went on to complete the infamous “West Coaster” blue water yacht race from Melbourne to Hobart five times.

His courage, foresight and lots of baby steps resulted in something truly miraculous.


“By deliberately exposing ourselves to small challenges, what once seemed daunting becomes manageable.” Ryan Holiday


So, to answer the “New Year Question” above, I will be taking a page out of my father’s playbook, and I will be doubling down on “less stress” in 2024. My aim is to take a serious look at what is causing me stress and map out how to minimize or eliminate the stressors in my life so I can work towards being as content as my beloved poodle Penny.


Thanks for reading,

Happy New Year.

Stay safe and avoid overwhelm.



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