Choice Is the Ultimate Luxury.

The true meaning of wealth is much deeper than the accumulation of money.


For me, the main value that comes from achieving a certain level of wealth is that the options available to you increase dramatically.

The Luxury of choice is being able to prioritize living ahead of work.

Wealth allows you to decide how to use your time, where to live and what hobbies to pursue.


Wealth is having the wisdom to make smart, well-informed decisions about your desires.” Unknown


In this sense, my father was a wealthy man.

He lived life on his own terms.

He worked well into his ninety’s. He loved restoring vintage cars and motorcycles. His specialty later in life was re-building rare vintage engines. He was very good at it, and he was paid well for doing this work. This was far more than a hobby; it was his passion. It kept him young and active and gave his life real value.


“A good work ethic runs deep and doesn’t go away even when you have reached a certain age or level of financial security.” Charlie Brown (not the peanuts cartoon character!)


We are all striving for “financial security” and “financial independence.” That is the plan.


I turn sixty-two next month and I am approaching the “work optional” stage of my life. I love this term; it expresses exactly how I am feeling about the next few years.

I feel super lucky that I still love my work.

I still love the daily challenge of building complex houses and running a small business.

After 2 or 3 weeks of holidays I start to miss my work. For me “work optional” will always include building and renovating houses.


“The aim is to craft a life where you have the opportunity to own your choices on a daily basis but stay true to your work ethic and continue to do the work you want to do.”


But exercising these big life choices takes courage.

When is the right time? Is there ever a right time?

The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre famously said,

“Not choosing is still choosing.”

Ultimately you never know if you are making the right choice.

All you can do is choose with conviction and live your life.


Thanks for reading.

Stay safe and know you always have options.



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