I Spent $70k on a Business Coach.

What was I thinking?


Back in 2017 my building business was going through a rough patch and had lost a considerable amount of money in the preceding 12 months.

The last thing I needed was to spend more money.

But I needed to make some tough decisions and I knew I needed some help to turn the business around.

I had used a business coach a few times during the preceding 25 years, so I took a leap of faith and turned to old mate Google for guidance.


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison


I found a coach that was a good fit, and this is what 3 years of homework and $70k got me.

•              Renewed belief in myself.

•              Rekindled my passion for “the work”.

•              An understanding that 99% of my problems are in my head.

•              A love for reading and writing.

•              A realization about the true value of long-term relationships.

•              Nothing very specific about running a good building business!


“Coaching is not therapy. It is product development where you are the product.” Unknown


One year into my coaching journey my coach had a near fatal kite surfing accident.

His injuries were horrendous and life changing.

His courage and determination to recover were remarkable and became an inspiring life lesson that added a whole new depth to our coaching sessions.

This period of coaching taught me that good decisions come from working on yourself, tapping into your courage, and getting your priorities straight.

I discovered that after a couple of years, a good business coach becomes your “life coach”, your therapist and your friend.

Mid 2019, I found myself in uncharted territory and I had need of all the above.

Maryanne and my youngest daughter Maggie had gone to live in Italy for a year, whilst I stayed home to run my business, then Covid struck…


“The best coaches have a sincere interest in people, and they ask a lot of challenging questions.” Phil Dixon


The coaching sessions during this personally challenging time have left an indelible mark on me.

These specific sessions centred around resilience, work delegation, making the most of an amazing life experience and maximizing my frequent flier points usage.


With a few years of “hindsight”, I realise that coaching taught me a lot about leadership and the game of business. However, for me its biggest impact was discovering new ways to learn, which has permanently changed who I am.


These three years of business coaching has left the following legacy for me and my business.

•              DDB’s unique business culture.

•              Writing these Weekly Emails.

•              Re-kindled my love of teaching.

•              Laid the foundation for my “work optional” life to come.


Out of the 250 odd articles I have written, only a handful have been written in one sitting. This is one of them. I woke up with this topic in mind and punched it out in one go.

I love these inspired Flow moments.


Thanks for reading,

Stay safe and be coachable.


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