The Advantages of Acting Quickly & Decisively.

Indecision is a habit. With work it can be broken.


Making big decisions takes real courage.

Most indecision/procrastination comes from fear.


“The road of life is paved with flat rabbits who couldn’t make a decision.” Unknown, (reused from email #116)


When faced with a big decision, weeks, months and even years can drift by waiting for the right moment, waiting for the stars to align. The problem is, it’s never the right time.

Big decisions and the changes they make affect your routines and habits; they interrupt your “rhythm of life”. You may be comfortable with your current rhythm (even though you may not love it). 

As you get older making significant changes to your life become harder and harder, and more time sensitive.


“Stop acting like there is infinite time. This – the way you are living now – is your one life.” James Clear


My father’s passing potentially changes a lot for myself and my family.

We have several big decisions to make, such as restructuring our finances, Property ownership decisions, setting up a family trust, and what to do with 99 years of personal stuff.

It’s only after sitting with the new reality for a couple of months that I can start to contemplate the pros & cons of each decision and look towards making the necessary changes.


To assist with these decisions, I have looked back at a few of my previous Weekly Emails on this topic.

# 116 & 117, Every choice/decision has a cost attached. Everything in life is a trade-off. Don’t let your emotions get in the way and hijack your decision.

# 138, When faced with a big decision you should listen to your inner voice. There is a direct nervous connection between your gut (digestive system) and your brain.

“Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet.”

# 187, You should never rush into making big decisions, but also avoid procrastinating at infinitum. Try to override your fear of what other people might think and do the important things you want to do.


US psychologist, Nick Wignall proposes two ways to become more decisive.


  1. Try to make big decisions despite your fear or self-doubt. Remind yourself that feeling fear is perfectly normal and okay. This recognition and validation of your self-doubt makes clear thinking and decision making easier.


  1. Building self-confidence is different to eliminating self-doubt. It’s impossible to eliminate fear and self-doubt. Confidence comes from positive experiences – it’s like learning to ride a bike. You gain confidence by putting in the practice. Gaining experience and confidence makes it easier to commit to making changes in your life.


“A good decision is risking a little to gain a lot.”  Unknown


Thanks for reading,

Stay safe and make that change.


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