EMAIL# 256- 03RD MARCH 2024 ""Freedom Comes From Being Bold""

Freedom Is on The Other Side of Being Bold.

I will never forget the bank managers reaction to my loan application – he just laughed!


At the time I was a 24yr old high school Phys Ed teacher.

My brother and I had just purchased our first house together.

Buying your first house in Melbourne back in 1986 was still difficult and there was no way I could financially do it alone.

We ended up obtaining a bank loan after much begging and steeling. But this harrowing experience with the bank made me question my earning capacity as a teacher.

I loved the life of a physical education teacher, but my ambition was getting the better of me.

I had studied for 4 years, then taught at two schools for another 4 years. I effectively had a “job for life” with the Vic Education Department, but this was not enough to keep me satisfied.


“Fortune favours the bold”. Unknown


This quote is one of my all-time favourites and it was with this in mind that in 1987 I turned my back on teaching and got a job as a builder’s labourer. This bold decision was my key to freedom.


“When we learn to welcome newness, we grow.” Unknown


Hindsight has taught me that risk taking is an inherent part of life and is a necessity for fulfilling your ambitions.


Two Emails ago in #253, whilst writing about making big decisions, I proposed the following key points.

•              Life is a series of trade-offs and compromises.

•              Fear is behind most indecision.

•              Making big decisions becomes harder and more time sensitive with age.

•              Big decisions should not be rushed.

•              You should use your life experience to guide your decisions.


“Success comes from unlocking the shackles of fear and conformity.” Mark Manson


I have previously written about the enormous pressure the residential building industry is currently being subjected to.

(See emails #239 & #251)

Just hanging on and kicking the can down the road is not an acceptable business strategy.

As the owner of an established building company, my focus is on positioning and re-structure the business, so it can weather this perfect storm.

My aim is to be proactive rather than reactive.

So, as I prepare to make some big decisions in my business and my life in general over the coming weeks and months, I will be using the following guiding principles.


1.            There is an element of risk in all decisions.

2.            Freedom is on the other side of the decision.

3.            Decisions require courage and the acceptance of uncertainty.

4.            What is bold for one person is mundane for another.

5.            You must be aware of your own comfort zone and risk tolerance.

6.            Making bold decisions is all about taking intelligent, calculated risks, then moving forward with conviction and determination.


“Through boldness, I have realised that the greatest adventure lies not in following the well-trodden roads, but in forging a trail through the wilderness with hearts ablaze and spirit unyielding.” Adrian s. Potter


Thanks for reading,

We all strive for freedom.


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