EMAIL # 260 -01ST APRIL 2024 - "WHAT'S NEXT"

Never Stop Looking for What’s Next.

Winning is getting lost in the work you do.


The West Wing” is my favourite TV show ever, I have watched the entire seven seasons 3 times. The two words that pop into my head whenever I think of this drama series are “what’s next”.

Jet Bartlett (Martin Sheen) says these two words at the end of each episode, and it leaves you wanting more…

These two words have real power and the more you use them in your life the better. They embody moving forward and making progress.


Another favourite of mine, author Ryan Holiday, often uses the mantra “Always be working on something”. This mantra is music to my ears and is how I approach each day. As soon as I finish one task or accomplish a goal, I am straight away looking for what is next.

I am a staunched believer that progress is vital for human happiness. But not at any cost and not purely for material gain.

For me, what is important is doing the work and quiet achievement, rather than being noticed and self-promotion.


“Figure out what you are good at without trying.

Then try.” Unknown


Writing these Weekly Emails has become a big part of my “always working on something”. I am always looking for the next topic, supporting quotes and information. My curiosity motivates me to keep reading and learning. It is a never-ending quest for what is next to write about.


“Your eyes can only see, and your ears can only hear what your brain is looking for.” Dan Sullivan


I am not good at social media. I am not interested in self-promotion or comparing my life to everybody else’s. As Tim Denning says “looking like a winner is exhausting” so I do not put in the work on social media, and I remain largely invisible on-line. But I am okay with this.


“Wins are just small dots on a huge canvas.” Tim Denning


For me it is all about making progress each day.

Most success in life comes from not stopping and getting a little bit better at something every time you do it. That is the constant alure of sports like golf, surfing, skiing or even fishing. Every time to wax your surfboard or get to the top of the chairlift you are fixated on doing it better “carving the perfect turn” or “catching the perfect wave”, even though you know this will never happen.


“The only true measure of success is whether you get what you want out of life.” Naval Ravikant


One thing to keep in mind is that winning in life always involves trade-offs. You can never master all areas of your life, and your priorities change from one year to the next. So chose your “what’s next” carefully.

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