Where Do Opportunities Come From?

The most valuable thing you can give someone is your attention.


Have you ever wondered why, when you are looking at buying a new car, suddenly you start to see those cars everywhere you go? It’s called “The law of Attention”, meaning, our brains ignore 90% of what’s going on around us so it can pay attention to the specific details most important to what you are currently doing.


The primary mover in life is choice. When we choose, our minds scan the world around us for things that resonate with that specific choice. This is where opportunities come from. Your attention and focus prepare you for opportunities that exist around you.


“Our minds don’t move the universe – they prepare us to move the universe with our hands.” Dr James Horton


Life is all about choice, work & timing.

With a little bit of thought and a little bit of work, you can create opportunities.

There’s one problem that gets in the way,

fear hijacks your attention.

Fear interrupts the way you think and process information.

Humans are hard wired for survival. Whenever fear wells up inside you survival instincts takes over and robs you of your focus and your attention.

Fear also disrupts your curiosity and dreams.

Anxiety is stronger than creativity.


“You can run from problems but not from flaws in your thinking.” Unknown


Fear works against the Law of Attention.

Fear at best is a distraction, at its worst it dominates your life and creates crippling anxiety. The more you attend to your fear the more you attract it into your life. Succumbing to your fear becomes a downward spiral.

Freedom is a state of mind without fear.


“The happiness of most people is not ruined by fatal errors or by major catastrophe, but by the repetition of slowly destructive thoughts.” Ernest Dimnet


Over the last 4 years (the Covid years) fear has been at the front of my mind almost every day. I have allowed this fear to taint some of my decisions and turn my back on some business opportunities.

Unfortunately, I cannot reverse these decisions or recreate lost opportunities. But I am determined to learn from the poor fear-based decisions and regain my power of attention.


Controlling your fear allows you to harness the power of attention.

  • We all crave attention.
  • The most valuable thing you can give to someone is your attention.
  • We are attracted to whoever gives you attention.
  • What you attend to you attract.
  • Attention creates attraction.
  • Your attention creates opportunities.


“Life’s main goal should be to get to a place where you don’t feel fear or worry anymore.” Unknown


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